Do you qualify?

The appropriate starting point for any decision to immigrate to Australia is asking the question "do I qualify for a visa to migrate to Australia?" We all know that Australia offers a great lifestyle, great education facilities and excellent employment opportunities and that's why it is such a sought after immigration destination, however information about jobs,education and lifestyle in Australia is superfluous if you don't qualify to migrate to Australia under Australia's strict and very complex immigration policies.

If you are looking for general information on migrating to Australia you could look at the government website.  They have a very nice overview of migration visas to Australia.  What they don't do well (and we do better) is to apply general immigration policy to your particular circumstances and provide you with a migration plan that will achieve your objective whether it be to study, visit, work or immigrate to Australia.

There's no point wasting time and investing money and nervous energy if you're going to fail.

Don't be naive enough to believe that website based "self assessment tools" which require you to answer a few questions can adequately provide a synthesis of the 170 classes of visas to your unique circumstances.  We, therefore, don't offer a self-assessment tool. 

We suggest you have your eligibility assessed for a small fee of AU$230.00 by completing our online eligibility assessment form.

You also have the option of a Skype assessment instead of a written one.  Should you prefer this option please complete the questionnaire, finalise your payment and we will be in contact with you to discuss your Skype appointment.

Relocating countries will cost many thousands of dollars and before you make any life altering decisions such as resigning your job, selling your house, purchasing airline tickets, arranging for transportation of household effects, why not spend just AU$150 and get a professional opinion as to your eligibility and an immigration plan?

If we do accept the assignment it is because we believe we can win your case.