Become an IMMagine Australia client and let our network of employers find you

Let employers find you!

For most skilled migrants, finding a job in Australia is simply a matter of 'when' not 'if', however it is not a simple process. You need all the tools you can get your hands on to make the process successful which is why we have developed our candidate matching system. 

If you are an IMMagine Australia client, you will be able to list your CV on our website, which is accessed directly by Australian employers. If they like what they see, they will be able to contact you directly to discuss any potential openings they might have.

IMMagine Australia doesn't get involved in the recruitment process, other than introducing employers to our website. We simply provide the portal through which our clients and willing employers can connect and engage in the interview process. The reason why we restrict access to this system for full fee paying clients is to ensure that employers are speaking with committed candidates who have been through our robust screening process and deemed to be eligible.

If you are an IMMagine Australia client and would like to submit your CV online for employers to view, then simply speak to your consultant today. 

If you are not an IMMagine Australia client and would like to find out if you qualify for Residence in New Zealand then complete our online eligibility assessment questionnaire today.