IMMagine Australia - Who We Are

With a success rate higher than 99% and more than twenty years of experience guiding migrants through the immigration process, you are in the right place if you're looking for a new life in Australia.

Unlike many of our competitors, we focus purely on immigration to Australia, which makes us uniquely placed to advise and guide you through the relocation process. We are, as required by Australian law, licensed migration agents. The licensing authority is OMARA, the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. We are also members of the Migration Institute of Australia.

Having assisted thousands of families to make the move, we believe that there is no better testimonial to the quality of our service than from the people who have used it before. Click here to read what some of our clients have to say.

Australia is special...

Those of you who have visited will appreciate the magnificent country that it is and the uniqueness of its people. Warm, welcoming and friendly, the people of Australia have a wonderful laid back attitude to life. The wide outdoors and the open spaces offer diverse leisure activities and the bustling cafe cities such as and substitute Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth provide a unique balance. Australia offers a variety seldom experienced anywhere else in the world.

To many Australia represents a safe haven which is far away from the world's trouble spots, yet, by being a first world and highly developed country, is able to operate as an integral part of global markets thanks to the information age where distance from key markets is increasingly irrelevant. Old handicaps are today's advantages. The information age has meant  Australia is not isolated from the world's markets any more, just isolated from the troubled bits.  

For those of you who are interested in a change of lifestyle there will be many questions that we have not answered. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you to overcome any concerns or worries that you may have.

If you intend to take the next step towards permanent residency, working or studying in Australia, we would be delighted to assist you. Please fill out our online eligibility questionnaire so that we may properly assess your position. There is a charge of  AU$150.00  for our assessment report but as it will address your eligibility to remain, work or study in Australia and any obstacles that might lie ahead of you, it is a vital first step in a financially expensive and emotional process.

If you consider that to be expensive consider what you stand to lose if you try this process and fail. Consider also that given thousands of people apply to come to Australia every year and fail. 

Our track record of 99% success indicates we deliver real value for money. In most years the decline rate for skilled migrants is around one in three. Of the decisions made to decline applicants by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the Merits Review Board overturns close to 41% of applications. That tells you that the bureaucrats in whose hands your future lies regularly get it wrong in at least one out of every three cases of people applying to come and live here. And those are only the ones who bothered to appeal! Most don't and give up.

Emigration is a major decision for everyone and you should (desperately) want to leave nothing to chance and the figures above confirm you cannot rely on our government to get it right when you need them. We recognise that and we aim to ensure that you make your decision armed with the facts that you need. The first is you probably need us whether you realise it or not.

We give you a personal commitment that our team will work hard for you to assist you in realising your dreams.

With best wishes,

Myer Lipschitz & Iain MacLeod