IMMagine Australia Services

We are registered Australian migration agents and lawyers. Our individual consultants do not handle migration to any other country and we are not part of the Australian Government. We are private sector consultants in Australian immigration. We are proud of the reputation that we have built up over the years. While our office is located in Melbourne, we act for clients wanting to settle all over Australia.

The primary focus of IMMagine Australia is to assist people obtain residence visas for Australia but we are skilled in all forms of temporary and long term migration, including visitor, student and work visas and ultimately, in obtaining citizenship.

Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy in business and life -­ we will treat you as we would like to be treated if we were in your position. And most of us have been - in your position. As most of our employees are migrants themselves, we know what you face if your dreams and expectations are shattered or you don't get honest and accurate advice. 

With more than 70% of our immigration work coming from referrals we believe this philosophy has stood the test of time.

We are therefore quite happy to put our reputation and experience on the line as far as our clients are concerned and most clients receive a money back guarantee if we fail to perform. This is offered on a case by case basis. In return we ask that clients accept some responsibility for being both honest with us and committed to the process of filing your application. Our performance guarantee is designed to protect both clients and ourselves.


Should the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship decline a client's application they will be refunded a portion of our  professional fee (no refund is made if the client fails to file an application for any reason they control such as they change their mind). In the event of the application being declined no refund will be made on our consulting fees if the application was declined (or not filed) for any one of the following reasons:

  • Failure to disclose a medical condition or criminal conviction of any person included in the application.
  • The presentation of any false or fraudulent documentation or information.
  • Failure to provide us with evidence of exact dates of employment and job description by way of official service records issued by each employer.
  • Owing to a change in Government residence policy prior to the filing of the residence visa/permit application or as a result of retrospective legislation or policy changes.

In the event that the application is declined for any of the reasons above clients will not be entitled to any refund of our disbursements or Australian Government application fees. The guarantee does not extend to all categories of applications and  is offered on a case-by-case basis.


Of course nobody posts bad references on their website or in their marketing material and we have been doing this work for long enough to know that you can't please all your customers all the time sometimes your customers just don't understand the complexity of the process. However we are very confident we keep the vast majority of our clients happy the majority of the time.

Some of them have taken the time to write to us and describe their experiences (there really are a lot more but modesty prevents us!). Read some of these testimonials here. We will happily supply references to anyone who wants them.

Assessment Process

Although we offer a fully personalised consultancy service on all residency matters, for a small fee we provide an in depth, no obligation assessment of the likelihood of filing a successful application. If in our opinion chances do not warrant our filing an application, we will advise you immediately. There is no point wasting time and investing money and nervous energy if you are going to fail. In 20 years our success rate with residence applications is better than 99%. 

In recent times the Department of Immigration and Citizenship statistics indicate one in three applicants for residence of Australia have failed.

If we do accept the assignment it is because we believe we can win your case. We will then issue to you, our client, detailed instructions on the exact requirements and procedures to follow. Once we have all the necessary information and documentation, we prepare a detailed covering submission for your application.

This is the key to our success. We justify the reasons why the client's case should be approved in terms of the Migration Act and Regulations. We control the immigration application process from the beginning to successful conclusion, which an individual cannot always do. They lack the knowledge of what the Australian Government really requires of them.

Our work does not end once your visa's been granted... 

We know that all clients will feel anxiety while waiting for our bureaucracy to make a decision on their application and even after receiving residence approval. To an extent, they are stepping into the unknown. We keep in regular contact with them from the time of our first meeting until after they are well settled in Australia.

We co-ordinate client's essential needs before and after arrival and then provide personal advisory support during those first few tentative weeks in the country.

We do more than just process your application. We offer a range of services which are aimed at increasing your knowledge of your new home and providing you with a sound background of the country before and after you get here.

We emphasise the fact that our work is only finished when you stop calling us for advice. Sometimes that is years after you landed in Australia and at other times it is a few weeks. Either way we are relaxed about it as we recognise there is a lot more to emigrating than filling out a few forms and buying a one way airline ticket.

The range of immigration services we provide includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • An in-depth written assessment (if we cannot meet in person) of your eligibility for the temporary or permanent visa you are seeking.
  • Assistance and advice in the preparation, lodging and processing of your temporary or permanent Australian visa application.
  • A monthly newsletter direct mailed to all of our clients, keeping them informed on political, economic, national and community developments within Australia.
  • Information on Australia and Australian culture and lifestyle.
  • Facilitating contact between migrating families in their home countries and in Australia, thus providing further moral support during the pre-appraisal period and the first few weeks of settlement.
  • Leading clients to the schools that meet their children's specific needs and guiding them to the best shopping, civic, sporting and cultural amenities.
  • Introducing clients to experienced lawyers, accountants, doctors, real estate and home rental agents, employment consultants and insurance brokers.
  • We even open bank accounts for you!

Our Professional Fees

Naturally, you will be curious as to what our professional charges are. Our fees reflect the time, knowledge, skill, care and attention that we bring to the process to assist people in reaching their migration goal.

Our fees range from as little as a few hundred dollars to several thousands depending on the services undertaken on your behalf and the time it involves. Most categories of our work come with a money back guarantee of success.

All fees and terms of business are confirmed in writing in advance of your becoming our client or any money changing hands. We do expect payment of the first part of our fees prior to any instructions being issued. Fees are commonly paid by credit card, telegraphic transfer or bank draft.

Our fees are charged on a per application basis regardless of the number of people included.

In order to carry out a preliminary assessment of your chances of success, we have a small charge of AU$230.00 which is to be paid before the assessment will be carried out. We can accept payment by MasterCard, Visa or bank draft. In return for this fee, we undertake a detailed analysis of your eligibility and detail the options available to you. You are under no obligation to take things further. Get the ball rolling, pay this small fee and complete our detailed online  now.