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About Australia & New Zealand

For the most part, Australia and New Zealand are on par in terms of lifestyle, opportunity, education & health. Both countries distinct emphasis on equality as a priority means that opportunities exist for everyone. 

The differences are in the details and in the nuances of each country's political, cultural and social environments, and both offer similar promise.

Our Video About Both Countries

Please enjoy our +-20 minute video presentation which offers you a glimpse into life in Australia and New Zealand as well as an overview of our services and experience.


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Working in Australia or New Zealand

Most of the clients we assist are skilled migrants, meaning their skills and/or experience are sought after to some extent by both Australia & New Zealand. Professions in the IT, Construction, Health and Safety and Engineering industries are in especially high-demand at the moment but this is a changing environment. If your experience doesn’t lie in either of the fields mentioned above, we can still help.

Gaining employment in either country plays a very important role in obtaining Permanent Residence. While we're not recruiters, we do offer the backing of our experience and establishment working with recruiters, applicants and employers in an immigration setting.


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All of our advisers are individually licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA)

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All of our advisers are individually licensed by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

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